Last Epoch Fastest Leveling Method: Alternate Leveling Path (Complete Guide)

Last Epoch Alternate Leveling Path
Last Epoch Alternate Leveling Path: Complete Guide

Last Epoch, similar to any other ARPG, offers you a highly adventurous and thrilling journey through a world full of dungeons and haunting enemies. To begin this journey, you first need to develop your character, picking up one of the five base classes. Further, resembling with Enshrouded skill tree, Last Epoch has a unique skill tree for each class. You can unlock different abilities on this skill tree to enhance your character’s performance in combat.

While, the main story of Last Epoch is pretty engaging, and most of you may love it, however, if progress through the journey, you’ll come across a locked path labeled as “Alternate Path”. Last Epoch Alternate Leveling Path is the option for all of you looking for a technique to level up quickly.

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What Is Last Epoch Alternate Leveling Path?

Last Epoch Alternate Leveling Path
Last Epoch Alternate Leveling Path

Alternate Leveling Path in Last Epoch are the shortest ways, to complete the game, and move from one area to another quickly completing all the dungeons instead of travelling the large areas. The game is set in a divine era, where the autonomy of the world belongs to God. There are four Gods in the game, and your journey begins as Rahyeh who is one of these Gods, declare war against others.

The entire story of Last Epoch is thus pretty engaging and has a lot of hurdles in the way. However, if you’re looking for Last Epoch quick leveling up guide, you’re at a right place. As you’re progressing through the journey, you will come across a spot, leading to a pathway formed by red marks on your map. This pathway is marked as “Alternate Leveling”. Basically, alternate leveling path in Last Epoch, that undoubtedly gives your leveling up speed and all but with a lot of add on trouble.

Firstly, to unlock this path, you need to find keys, which are located nowhere, rather you’ve to explore quite a lot to get these keys. Secondly, this path has way too many dungeons. Starting from Lightless Arbor, you’ll come across various dungeons one after another. Enemies inside these dungeons, are also pretty tough therefore, it’s better to only enter this path once you are few levels above the recommended one’s.

How To Unlock Last Epoch Alternate Path?

Once, you’re in front of the locked Alternate Leveling Path in Last Epoch, marked by a weird red symbol that looks like a sandal with wings, you now need to find the keys to unlock it. While these keys spawn randomly in the huge Last Epoch map, these are the places you can find these keys most often:

  • As a reward for Champions Gate Arena.
  • As a reward from Monolith.
  • In the Gold and Green chests.

All keys you find, have some text over them. This text indicates the dungeon for which they’ve been designed. Tiered ones are for the challenging dungeons therefore offering greater rewards. However, to access the Arena, you need to specifically get the Arena keys from the Monolith.

What’s worse about this Alternate Leveling Path is, though gives you a fast leveling up, however, survival here is really tough. Also, in any case, if you are killed by any enemy, you can’t restart from the same spot, instead you’ve to again find keys first and then move further. Thus, for your first playthrough, Alternate Leveling Path is not recommended at all, however, if you’ve already mastered the game, this is definitely thrilling.

Alternate Leveling Path in Last Epoch, is therefore, a good shortcut for those who’ve already mastered the game and knows how they can find the keys and survive against tough enemies inside the dungeons. For those who are relatively new to the game, it’s better to stick to the original main story path. However, you can definitely opt for this path for your second character.



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