How To Build An Efficient Ironman In RuneScape 3 [A Complete Guide]

Crafting an efficient Ironman account in RuneScape 3 demands strategic planning and significant time investment. Even though you like questing or not, it is the best method you can get yourself an efficient Ironman account in RuneScape 3, which is self-sufficient for all the haunting adventures. Also, questing will save you a lot of time, which you would have spent on the early game training, and elevates your level.

If you’re struggling with the challenge of building an efficient Ironman in RuneScape 3, fear not. This comprehensive guide covers everything from the early stages to the late game, providing indispensable information for your journey to an efficient RuneScape 3 Ironman.

How To Build An Efficient Ironman In RuneScape 3

RS3: Efficient Ironman

In RuneScape 3, choosing to go with an Ironman is always a hard decision, as there are plenty of restrictions over this account. For instance, you can’t trade, or pick up items that the other players drop, and won’t get any XP for PvP. Moreover, the overall rewards are also limited.

Once you have chosen to play with Ironman, there’s no other option for you instead of building up a strategy, with which you can build this account into an entirely self-sufficient. The whole process requires a lot of time, but it also is an interesting adventure to do so. Here’s how you can build an efficient Ironman in RS3:

XP Allocation

Efficient Ironman in Runescape 3
RuneScape 3: XP allocation

Whenever building up an efficient Ironman in RS3, the biggest problem you will face will be Herblore. Therefore, whenever you get some XP, that can be of any form be it a book or a penguin, just put it inside the Herblore.

You can use these Herblores to make potions. At a herblore level of 99, you can almost make up 1000 potions. Training Ironman is exhausting, therefore allocation of this XP to the herblore will help you out when you are in the later part of the game.


efficient ironman in RuneSpace 3
RuneScape 3: Dailies

Dailies in RuneScape 3 are very important when you are building up an efficient Ironman as they give you huge assets of materials and bonus XP, that help you train hard skills like crafting and invention which are otherwise very difficult to do.

Although there is a huge list of dailies you can do in RuneScape 3, and undoubtedly each of them is pretty beneficial, you should still tailor out some of them. Having a list of those that help you most in achieving an efficient Ironman account can be helpful or otherwise, you will have to spend hours doing random dailies.

Pineapples And Seaweed

Pineapples and Seaweed
Pineapples and Seaweed

You should buy pineapples and seaweed in Catherby. Pineapples in RuneScape 3 are a great food source for a play-around farm, that you can feed to animals, and are pretty cheap compared to wood. Seaweed is a must item for making glass when it comes to crafting skills.

Buy Flax

Flax- A Plant

The second daily thing that you can do when building an efficient Ironman in RuneScape 3 is buy flax. This is going to unlock once you have completed some achievement diaries in the Sears areas. After doing so you can buy Flax from the guy in the gardens.

You can get almost 120 flax each day, which can add up once you unlock lunar magics. With lunar magics, you can use a spell to turn it into a bowstring which is super-efficient and gives you a huge amount of magic XP.

Jack Of Trades

Jack of Trade

Another very important daily that you can do for an efficient Ironman in RuneScape 3 is Jack of Trades. This is super easy; however, you won’t be able to do this for a few months as you need a couple of months of membership before you can purchase it with your loyalty points.

Once, you start doing this, this daily can give you twenty thousand to thirty thousand XP per time you use it. It’s better to put this all this the Herblore as it will go up quickly, and if you have the premiere artifact, you can do a jack of trades twice a day.

Slayer Master

Once, you have done the Jack of Trades, you can now head over to the Slayer master to buy insulated boots. If you don’t have invention unlocked save these for later RuneScape 3 adventure, as they are cheap and give you a ton of great materials for invention.

Once unlocked, you will be able to deconstruct these and then you can run to the rogue stem, and once at the rogue’s den, you can pick up some black claws. These claws can also be deconstructed, or you can simply save them for later.

Water vials


Once, you have the blawclaws, you can head over to Taverley to buy the water vials. Also buy lymph roots, white berries, and all the stuff. In RuneScape 3, you can only buy five of these daily but stocking them up for the long term will help you in making potions later in the game.

You should also never miss a daily challenge. These challenges will only take 5 minutes to complete and can give you an incredible amount of XP.


RuneScape 3: Quests

In RuneScape 3, quests are one of the most important things for building up an efficient Ironman helping you jump-start your progress with a good XP level. Another important aspect of questing is the reward caravan that was added in RuneScape a few years back.

After each 50 quest points you get, you will get a die. Rolling this will give you a huge amount of money up to 2 mil which can be very helpful when making an efficient Ironman in RuneScape 3.

There are a couple of quests that you must do starting with the new Ironman account. However, below is the list of quests that are super easy and will give you a ton of XP.

Waterfall Quest

Waterfall Quest

As soon as you start RuneScape 3, Waterfall Quest is the first quest you can perform at a level as low as 3, as you can bypass most of the enemies here. Even though the quest is easy, it rewards you with a ton of XP which is a great early-game boost. This quest grants 30 Attack and Strength, propelling you to 22 combat.

Additionally, consider doing “Recruitment Drive” and “Druidic Ritual”. Completing these quests not only secures 10 Herblore but also offers a boost of 9 Prayer. These early game boosts are invaluable, especially for skills that can be tedious to train. The prayer boost elevates your combat level to 23. It’s a two-in-one strategy to efficiently kickstart your RuneScape 3 Ironman journey.

Knight Sword

Knight Sword

Knight Sword is another easy quest you can do, to build an efficient ironman in RuneScape 3. Completing this quest, you will get 12,000 Smithing XP and also an ability to smith blurite, propelling you to approximately level 30. This early-game boost allows you to craft essential gear for your Ironman journey.

Holy Grail

RuneScape 3: Holy Grail

Holy Grail quest in RuneScape 3 provides 15,300 Defense and 11,000 Prayer XP, effectively raising both skills to around level 30. If you are at level 9 in prayer accomplishing achievements in the other quests, this will be a great step towards your Ironman progression.

Achievement Diaries

RuneScape 3: Achievement Diaries

Achievement Diaries in RuneScape 3 are goals, with different milestones. As you achieve these milestones you will receive different rewards including a lot of XP. Here is the list of Achievement Diaries you must do, for an Efficient Ironman in RuneScape 3:

Hard Seer Diaries

Hard Seer Diaries, in RuneScape 3, stands out among all the achievement diaries because of its promising reward which is Enhanced Excalibur. This is a unique sword weapon that acts as a super defense potion, that allows you to use a special attack giving your defense a boost.

Major benefits of this weapon include that it only takes one inventory space and provides health restoration with each special attack. During the early stages of training the Invention skill, you can augment and train the Enhanced Excalibur, deconstruct it at level 10, and easily obtain another one from the Lady of the Lake for a minimal cost of around 500 gold.

Morytania Diaries

Another thing you can do to make an efficient Ironman in RuneScape 3 is visiting the Ghosts Ahoy place at Port Phasmy and use 13 bones on Robin. He will transform these into bonemeal, and you will get almost 13 slime buckets.

Varrock Dairies

Making battle staff is also one of the crucial things you should do. Daily, buy these battlestaffs from Zaff as they are very beneficial for gp. Also, whenever you get some extra cash, try to make as many of these as possible so you have some of them already in your inventory instead of starting from zero when you can make them.

Apart from all the above-mentioned achievement diaries, there are plenty of others including the Kandarin Diaries and Wilderness Diaries that you can do.


Slayer in RuneScape 3 stands out as arguably the most well-rounded skill for the Ironman mode. Slayer not only contributes to leveling up all combat skills but also offers versatility in tasks, allowing you to engage in magic, ranged, or melee combat based on your assignment.

Moreover, the Slayer becomes a crucial source of supplies for Ironman, yielding rune essence, herbs, bones, and various metal components. These materials are invaluable, especially for those who haven’t yet unlocked Invention due to the requirements of 80 Smithing and Crafting, and potentially Divination.

Additionally, Slayer serves as an excellent combat training tool for new players. It exposes you to different combat rotations, abilities, and strategies against diverse Slayer monsters. This early familiarity pays off in the endgame when facing more challenging bosses, making the transition smoother and more natural.

This was all about how you can make an efficient Ironman in RuneScape 3. I hope these tips help you a lot. In case, you find anything missing, please leave a comment helping everyone else through it.





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